WallUp : A Desktop Wallpapaer Manager

A desktop wallpaper manager that also works as a screen saver

WallUp for Windows is an easy to use program that gives you real control over your desktop wallpaper. Using WallUp gives you the ablity to group images into sets called albums. Albums can then be used with a schedule to cause the desktop wallpaper to change automatically. You control how many images are in an album and how often your wallpaper changes! Images can be used in sequence or randomly. You can use images from the internet to get a fresh image download each time before it is displayed! WallUp also inculdes a screensaver that will use the active album to generate a custom screensaver from your images! WallUp is FREE for personal use.

Contact us for more information on OEM (custom) versions of WallUp and WallUp OEM bundles. WallUp OEM bundles provide a way to for you to deliver your own custom WallUp that displays your company's information and images. A great way to promote your business. Wallup OEM bundles can be configured for any style album including "Internet Pic of the Day" (www.micheleharrington.com, www.planetasphalt.com), "Calendar", and 'Standard' album styles (see free examples on the side bar).

Easy to Install

Easy to Install WallUp comes pre-configured for most users. When the install program has successfully completed the default wallpaper image will be set as you desktop background.

Easy to Access

Easy to Access The WallUp 'Settings' application and 'Disable/Enable' options are accessed using the start menu. You can also launch the help file from the start menu.


Customization WallUp comes configure pre-configured with a set of images but it is designed to work with your images. You can create your own albums that include images from anywhere... even the internet! You can also choose the schedule used to automatically change the wallpaper.