SmartStartMenu : A Smarter Program Launcher for Windows

Stop searching through your Start menu

SmartStartMenu™ is the new program launcher that will do the searching for you! It turns the task of opening any program, document, folder, or website into a two or three key-stroke effort!

SmartStartMenu™ uses high performance scanning technology to locate items on your start menu and in other locations on your hard drive. Scanning can be done anytime you want... even during system startup. Once scanning is completed you simply type a few letters and SmartStartMenu™ will use type-ahead technology to generate an alphabetized list of items that match the criteria for you to select from.

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Easy to Install

Easy to Install SmartStartMenu™ comes pre-configured for most users. When the install program has successfully completed you simply use the taskbar's right-click menu to display SmartStartMenu™. When SmartStartMenu™ is displayed it take a few seconds to run a scan and then it is ready to use!

Easy to Access

Easy to Access SmartStartMenu™ is completely integrated with your desktop... it has been implemented as a toolbar that is initially displayed on the taskbar. It can be resized, dragged to the desktop, or even relocated on any edge of the screen. SmartStartMenu™ is initially configured with a hot-key> (Win+S) for fast and easy access via the keyboard. In addition, the HTML style help file can be accessed via the F1 key.


Customization SmartStartMenu™ is designed to work the way you want it to work. It includes user configurable file types and locations that allow you to decide what gets scanned and what doesn't; Sub-string matching modes include start of name, start of word, and start of any word; Auto-selection modes include first found, most recently used, and most frequently used; Optional history listing supported for shell commands such as cmd, control, print, and web site addresses that have been typed into SmartStartMenu™; And lastly, optional folder listing support for paths typed into SmartStartMenu™.

Additional Features

Additional Features Since SmartStartMenu™ is based on shortcuts (in part) there is no 'alias' database to maintain or complicated configuration interface to learn. You can change the keystrokes used to access any item by modifying the name of the shortcut, or start menu item. SmartStartMenu™ helps you to clean up your desktop and 'Quick launch' toolbar by reducing your dependencies on them. It helps you to reduce clutter on your taskbar by eliminating the need for the 'Address' toolbar. SmartStartMenu™ can also be used like the start menu's 'Run' dialog. Also included is an explorer context menu extension that gives you the ever useful 'Copy pathname', 'Copy short pathname', 'Run with command line arguments' and 'Open in DOS box' menu items.

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