PCalGen : A Semi-Perpetual Calendar Generator

A desktop wallpaper manager with a twist

PCalGen for Windows is an easy to use program that automatically creates "on-the-fly" calendar pages using the current month and images from your "My Picures" folder and then displays the resulting image as your desktop background. If you are fed up with floating over the clock on the taskbar to get the date... or worse, double clicking the thing to ge a glimps of what the current month looks like... this program is for you! PCalGen is FREE for personal use.

Contact us for more information on OEM (custom) versions of PCalGen and PCalGen OEM bundles. PCalGen OEM bundles provide a way to for you to deliver your own custom PCalGen with that displays your company's information. A great way to promote your company.

Easy to Install

Easy to Install PCalGen comes pre-configured for most users. When the install program has successfully completed the default image will be used to generate a calendar for you.

Easy to Access

Easy to Access The PCalGen 'Settings' application is accessed using the start menu. Calendars are automaically generated at system startup and any time the desktop display settings change.


Customization PCalGen is designed to work with your images and your desktop colors. It includes user configurable background and text colors; An Alpha-Blend setting that allows you to control the contrast. A Calendar Style setting that gives control over the generated calendars size and position. And lastly, images can be copied into the 'C:\Program Files\PCalGen by PlanetHarrington\images' folder to have them used when a calendar is generated.

PCalGen Example