BB-Tuner : A chromatic musical instrument tuner

A chromatic musical instrument tuner

Needle displays are hard to read and don't allow you to enjoy the benefits of the expensive monitor you have sitting in front of you. BB-Tuner includes a display that is not only easy to read, it supports 'full screen' and 'top most window' modes. This tuner is not only capable of running alongside your digital audio workstation (DAW) software... it is designed for it! A tone generator that is adjustable to any frequency to tune by ear and a metronome supporting simple beat patterns are also included.

BB-Tuner was developed in collaboration with BlackBall, Inc. Additional patents, trademarks, and copyrights may apply.

Easy to Install

Easy to Install BB-Tuner comes pre-configured for standard tuning. When the install program has successfully completed the tuner is ready to use on the input currently selected by the system mixer.

Easy to Access

Easy to Access BB-Tuner is accessed using the start menu. Once the tuner is running you can pin it as a top most window for easy access.


Customization BB-Tuner can be configured to tune almost any musical instrument using the adjustable Reference Frequency and Instrument Key. Versions that support full-screen mode are useful for live performances where proximity can be an issue. Support for both direct and microphone inputs are included. 1/8inch adapter may be required.

Additional Features

Additionalfeatures Extra features very from edition to edition but in general they all include:

  • "Full screen" mode with automatic screen saver disabling
  • Adjustable reference frequency (430Hz - 450Hz)
  • Adjustable instrument key (A - G sharp)
  • Tone generation (20.0Hz - 19999.9Hz)
  • Beat generation (30bpm - 320bpm, 2/4 - 7/8 pattern)

"Mean Green" Edition Screenshots
Mean Green Version